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4 Myths Christians Should Stop Believing About Despair

4 Myths Christians Should Stop Believing About Despair

You can find therefore myths that are many despair Christians should stop believing—for instance, “True believers don’t suffer with despair.”

Their false declaration rang within my ear such as for instance a loud gong—and then hung within the atmosphere like smoke, waiting to be cleared away. We wasn’t precisely yes exactly exactly how this discussion had started, but a very important factor resulted in another and I also right right here I became using this visitor and a little selection of males and ladies speaking about the presence of depression among Christians.

It could have now been a difficult discussion for one to have, but also for me—it was also harder nevertheless. This visitor know that I was only now emerging from the terrible pit of depression myself because little did. Minimal did he understand, that in my situation, this conversation had been personal—because I’d felt like I’d simply gone to hell and straight right right back. Minimal did he understand that my heart had wrestled and my own body had collapsed beneath the stress of despair, but that Jesus had held me the way that is whole.

This was a conversation that I was glad to be a part of as a professional counselor. For more than ten years, I’ve caused guys, ladies, young ones and teenagers suffering mild to extreme despair.